Come On In!

Love at first sight is a real thing. Believe me, I experienced it firsthand.

We walked through the yard underneath a huge oak tree where more moss than grass was growing, then on past a long row of daffodils, and up the steps of a nice-sized front porch, and got a closer view of the front door.
(I later took the screen door off in an act of vengeance two weeks later. It snapped back on me for the last time...) 
A laser beam of hearts is shooting from my eyeballs at. this. very. moment.
I don't know if many pictures would do the front door justice. When the light hits it just right, its colored panes of glass are stunning and unusual-in-a-good-way.

I have my doubts about the fruit basket design on the middle pane of glass. Maybe it's just me, but it looks like a much newer sheet of glass than all the rest. The colored panes are old and wavy while the middle pane is clear as a bell. Hmmm.

The wood panel at the bottom of the door has a very pretty design in it -- John's parents house has the exact same front door (sans the colored glass -- theirs has small etched panes).

It will need some repair in places but overall I absolutely love it. The original doorbell is intact with all its hardware which has an ornate Victorian design. It rang a couple of times but then stopped working -- seems like a spring came loose. Should be an easy fix.

I know these photos aren't the best -- my good camera is currently MIA -- so my phone will have to do.

The first thing you notice after coming inside is the carpet. Lime green carpet. Maybe it was pretty back in the day but now it just stifles this old girl's spirit. Then, the ceilings. They are very tall -- at least 12-14 feet.

This will be our den!
Interesting side note: the wallpaper is almost identical to the original wallpaper in my parents' house.
A few awesome features to this room: large pocket doors, an incredible mantle and tile fireplace, and pretty shutters on the interior windows.

The pocket door on the left is currently stuck. The inner cogs and wheels of the doorway will have to be repaired so it works properly.
Tiles depicting an elaborate hunt scene complete with elk and hounds surrounds a gorgeous metal fireplace.
Wow. This fireplace. The tiles are this deep rose/burgundy color -- the detail is amazing. It's absolutely beautiful.
The tiles on the floor complete the scene.
We've been doing a lot to the house this past week -- look forward to sharing the pictures with you!


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