What's First to Go: Phase II

Y'all:  This entryway is one of my favorite parts of the house. Maybe it's the thought of welcoming our friends and family into our home -- regardless, I'm excited to see how it comes together.

I know these pictures aren't the greatest. Still can't locate my DSLR...😐

Annnnnd...the carpet padding. This was the worst room due to all the foot traffic.
Stuck. all. over. the. floor. 
Hot damn! She cleans up good. 
As for this yalla junk, I don't care if I see it ever again. What didn't disintegrate, stuck to the wood -- though luckily it came up with our scraper. Mostly. Some will have to be tackled with the sander, I'd say. 
Big ol' yalla MESS! Yuck.
In the cracks. Can't wait for a heavy duty VAC.
Oh, this transition room! What a question mark! Technically, it's going to be our dining room.
Dining room: A floor furnace, cool wood paneling.
(Looking straight ahead is the entryway and front door. Door to the left is the music room)
 Hey hey -- saloon doors! 
It won't be a formal dining room -- kind of pointless these days. Most formal dining rooms just sit there most of the time anyway.

The wall that connects to the kitchen contains a fireplace, so we're going to open this up -- probably with a "pony wall" -- don't cringe as I use all the renovation buzz words...

In the picture below you can see the top left corner of the room will be perfect as a breakfast nook. We will build a bench, add a table and some chairs, find a china cabinet, and call it a day. It's a big hallway, effectively. What about those saloon doors, eh?!
Floor furnace will be taken out.
Look at the paneling on the walls in this room! It's in great condition and will be so pretty. Not sure if you can see it at first glance, but there is a picture/dish rail around the wall that will come down. The other thing with this room is the ceiling (don't think I got a picture). Hideous. Bowed. Who knows what lurks beneath...
Hmm...weird cut across the floor someone tried to caulk. Otherwise beautiful! 

While I was finishing up the dining room, John started tearing the paneling off the walls in our little office. Pictures to come!
I also know full well that we are seriously lucky that the hardwood floors underneath are in mostly great condition. There will be some sanding to do for sure, but not too much. They look like poplar wood, and the reddish multi-colored boards are gorgeous.

We've been taking our time, easing into this renovation -- pacing ourselves at the moment...waiting on the appraisal value, figuring out a budget, and continuing to gather ideas. When we get the "all clear," GAME ON.

Hope you're having a good weekend!


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