What Condition My Condition is In

It's been a month or so since I've posted -- the dead air time is from waiting. It's not been a bad wait, necessarily -- there are just parts of the house that had to be rebuilt before our electrician could get in, the heat & air guys can't finish their work until the house is completely rewired, our contractor can't finish the back bathroom until the plumber gets in and...you see where this is going.

In the meantime, life has not slowed down at all, which, I'm sure, is the same for you! Summertime and living is BUSY, right? 

Full view of kitchen & dining room. It's really somethin', huh?

How's about some bullet points to keep us all from getting overwhelmed??
  • Plumbing: Week after next, the plumber will get started on everything. 
    • By everything,  I mean, seriously re-plumbing everything in the house, which goes on out to the street. Yep, yep. YEP.
      • Sidenote: who knew modern plumbing needed ventilation?! Good to know...
  • The back bathroom has been quite the project, notwithstanding the plumbing issue.
    • The floor joists got secured in the ground and now the back wall of the house is secure and not being held up by the roof alone. Good thing!
    • Lately we've been mapping out the layout of the room -- the placement of the shower, sink, linen closets, toilet, and the urinal (Yes, a urinal. That's John's special request. No talking us out of it either...it's already been purchased! haha)
    • About a week ago, we ordered a new back door and that's ready to go-- despite a couple of folks thinking we're crazy -- we like the idea, especially because it is the bathroom.  This is also another part where the urinal comes in, too. After doing yard work, you name it, and we can come in our future-tense tiled bathroom.
This is currently the back bathroom and the bedroom closet is on the right.
  • The front bathroom's floor will get completely pulled up. Underneath all the pink carpet, tar paper, and plywood, apparently there's wood floor, but we are skeptical of its condition. Seems like it may be rotten from previous water damage. We'll see soon!
    • Much of the wallpaper peeled right off, luckily. I tried to get as much as I could without a ladder. 
    • Today, we're going to move the bathtub out of there and out of the way, take out the toilet and vanity, and get it ready for an overhaul!
      • Got a new turlet a couple of weeks ago, and also found an old pedestal sink at a salvage place in Cincinnati that's going to look so purty!
      • Looking forward to painting the wainscoting something other than pink...and I CANNOT WAIT for you to see what we're going to do with this wall!

  • Utility Room: the floor got pulled up and has been an important component of the back bathroom configuration process because it needs major plumbing, too. AND there is enough space that we can shave a little off for the bathroom shower-space needs.
    • This floor is weird because there's no depth in the ground underneath...it's was right up under the floor, unlike the bathroom on the other side. So, that causes its own set of issues in regards to plumbing & reconstruction.
    • We will lose a window when the water heater gets its own closet built around it; but, otherwise, there will still be plenty of room for a built-in where we can put coats and shoes, our washer/dryer, and eventually a freezer.
Future utility room

  • The front rooms are slowly getting put back together with some insulation on the outside walls, which will help so much with draftiness. All that's left is to put up sheetrock and then we can get to painting everything (WHUT!!). That will be at least a couple of weeks, but it's the kind of progress that makes you think you're really getting somewhere...

Living Room

Living Room view from th'other way.

My mantle wrap.
 If you follow us on Instagram, you probably saw that I wrapped this mantle in cardboard yesterday. It needs some protection from the sheetrocking process. Have you've ever tried to wrap anything that big? It 's "good" for what it is! The top of it came off and we're going to store it in a safe place until it's ready to go back.

View of the back bedroom in progress.

  • My office is ultimately going to be without a heat/air vent. The roof is directly above the shiplap ceiling and the way the A/C has been currently rigged, well, let's just say, is not ideal. Looks awful! Not the best idear someone had. hahaha So, it's going to be taken out and I'll just crank up the heater during the winter and get my oscillation on in the summer.
    • p.s. I hate the word shiplap. 

  • Our contractor noticed a bulge in the outer wall of the music room so that has to be fixed/adjusted soon before the sheetrock goes up.
  • A look at some of the heating and air in the music room ceiling below.

Ceiling in the music room.
John & I have found a lot of awesome things in our hunt for house schtuff...you'll just have to wait and see once it's all put together. It'll mean a little more when you see it in there, I'd say! Yesterday we rented a storage unit -- it gives us a chance to clean out the garage and transfer our cabinets, where we can get them ready to restore and paint. AND we will have a place to stash the bathtub, paneling and trim, and other things in our little storage shed out back.

Our kitchen sink is coming in today and we're very excited about that! It's about time to order our faucets, can lights for the kitchen and dining room, and all the bathtub hardware. Moving along!

Have a great weekend, friends!


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