The Bathrooms

From what everyone's been telling me, we all experienced a collective overwhelm from the last post. haha

John and I are happy with how things are moving along -- we're still in the thick of renovations where issues keep popping up, that it's hard to imagine this house ever in a finished state. But of course, it's hard to remember it before all this. Oh, that ol' monkey brain!

Well, we finally had the big reveal in the master bathroom -- what was underneath the pink carpet? 

Hardwood -- just like we thought...but in terrible condition. There was rotten floor from a leaky turlet...and the rest? Before the carpet went down, there was a layer of linoleum and red-glued- something that covered the wood floor, so there was no saving it. Ah, well. I think the new floor will be the smaller hexagon tiles that look all marbly. (<--is that a word/thing/can I do that?)

The plumber got started two weeks ago and is done with most everything with the exception of just a couple of minor fix-its we have to do. Tearing into the yard is up next. We are currently working on re-plumbing the house all the way to the street because it's all galvanized. Time + H2O + Galvanized Pipes = MetalYuck.

Sooooo, anyway.......

On a more positive note, I have to share our most recent house find with you!  John had the idea to get a vintage scale for the back bathroom -- and we found this one outside of Asheville, NC. It's a 1936 Watling scale. Put a penny in the coin slot and it will weigh you AND tell your fortune (or will when we fix it)!

Other developments:

What you're looking at below is the kitchen, technically. The doorway on the left was the original doorway to the bedroom where now the refrigerator is going to go. The doorway on the right is the new one we had put in have a better layout in the kitchen. It'll also just look better. Thrilling stuff. haha

Luckily we can reuse the old doors in other places.

I call this the "Fridgedoor."

It was hard to get a good picture but voila: Here's the back bathroom, plumbed and ready for a toilet and the urinal. I just want you to look!

This is a view of the new wall -- technically you are looking at our shower. It's gonna be YUGE.

Here's the mudroom. We have a little closet on the left for our water heater and to the right, the washer/dryer hookups are ready to go. Now alls we need is a floor!


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