The Domino Effect

Oh, you know how it is. One thing and then another...

So our contractor discovered a floor beam in the kitchen had been "ett up" by termites. You know, one of those that holds up the back end of the house, no big whoop...haha We ended up having to take out ALL the flooring in the dining room and kitchen. There was a beam under the floor attached to nary a thing (that means it wasn't attached & holding on for dear life).

What I'd really love to know is how the cellar door in the kitchen floor worked! Empty walls tell no tales...

Well, anyway...Pulling up the kitchen was no surprise, but, I was sort of attached to the dining room floor. After all we'd been through together: the lime green carpet, the yellow padding, the staples! I was listening to S-Town during the entire process. Beautiful floor, good memories.

Before I reveal what it looks like now...just look at how far she's come along!

Don't forget the saloon doors for your grand entrance!

The green machine carpet...

 To this:

hahahaha What a payoff! Let's not all weep collective tears yet. We saved as many boards as we could and fingers crossed this is the last big thing to be done to the house. 

You don't believe it?? Well, I'm not holding my breath either BUT I repeat (for my sanity's sake), this seems like it really is the last big thing to be done. Everything else has been covered. More like replaced & redone, not covered. You know what I mean!

So now the floor will be legitimately level -- that's a plus -- and we have a couple of options: put down engineered hardwood OR replace with reclaimed hardwood. You know what my vote is. We'll see about the cost and I'll report back later. Crossing my fingers on this one, too. 

Thanksgiving has been thrown out as the estimated time of completion. Honey, don't play. It better be...!!


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