It's the little things...

A few years ago, John's parents replaced all the windows in their house. Their home is right down the street from ours and was built in the same era, though just a little bit later: 1879. What's really cool is that their windows match our front door perfectly. Can you believe that?

Needless to say, we're both excited about this. The windows are going to go in the back of the house  (laundry room) & I can't wait to see how it looks!

It's so much fun to see details like this fall into place. We have gathered so much stuff over the past few months that it feels great to finally put them in their rightful locale. You just wait!

We've got one last plumbing-related job happening tomorrow -- the pipelines are going in the yard all the way from the street. Last week was too rainy. Luckily this week has been sunny & dry (and beautiful. Yay! Fall weather! Though I've been sick with a raging sinus infection, and serious FOMO set in today. Gorgeous outside. Me: stuck in bed, weak as a kitten, in a Netflix spiral).

Our (Current) To-Do List 
  • Subfloors have been put down, so it's time to make decisions on our flooring (kitchen/dining, both bathrooms, laundry room, and back bedroom).
  • Waiting on the sheetrock to go up and John can start putting the trim back, and we can get to paintin'. 
  • Our clawfoot tub...needs a little TLC and a refinish. Any suggestions? I've been reading up on this topic and for some reason, I'm a little intimidated by the process. Meh. Seems like an undertaking...but I can do it! (fingers crossed)
  • Why is picking a color for the cabinets so dang hard?! The top ones will be cream and the bottom...well, has been a topic of serious debate for a couple of months now. John & I like the idea of two-tone cabinets. So, cream on top and a shade of blue/grey on the bottom, maybe?* 
*Subject to change on a whim. 

Oh! I almost forgot to show you our new back door. Saw it, loved it, snatched it up. We found the door at a local architectural salvage place and got a great deal on it. Not sure what color it will eventually be but we're happy with it!  

Hope you're enjoying life in your corner of the world!


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