A Week Filled Week

Good-news-updates here.

The subfloor is done in the bathroom!

This past weekend, we went on a tile shopping excursion to figure out what we like and get price quotes. We're going to order a pretty 2" hexagon marble tile for the floor. We'll also just spruce up the wainscotting with a new coat of the same hibachi pink.

Juuuuuuust kidding! It will be painted an off-white, and the walls will be a dark blue to coordinate with a wallpaper statement wall. My diabolical plan is finally coming together! Mwahahaaaaaaa!

She's bout ready. Front bathroom. Still pink but not for long! Mwahahaha!

This week, John worked in the music room, knocking off all the remaining plaster on the chimney. Then he took a wire brush and cleaned off all the remaining debris. It looks fantastic. He was covered in plaster dust, or maybe it's old house pixie dust? I touched his arm, and it poofed out.

The chimney looks great. Can't say that for the rest of the room. Little victories, people.

The electrical inspection happened yesterday, and we passed. Yay! Now nothing stands in the way between this grand lady and the drywall. It will go up next week. It's such a great feeling to be at this point. I feel a painting party in our near future.

The kitchen appliances arrived in Lexington. Whoa! Can't wait to see what they are like, live and in person. Luckily, they can hold them in the warehouse until later next week and in the meantime, while the drywall goes up.

And just when I said there were no more secrets hiding in the ol' gal, John found some relics behind the fireplace mantle in the music room.  There are three letters from the 1940s and a milk delivery receipt from the early 1900s!

Let me know if you recognize any of these names -- it'd be interesting to know any information about them.

This congratulations card fell behind the mantle and never made it to the mailbox!

Mr. Jack Ramsey got his refrigerator repaired by Clay Pendleton on April 14, 1947, for $4.50. Money well spent, I'd say.

This next letter came to Mr. & Mrs. Harry Haddon, November 23, 1949. I've typed it out below so you can read it, too :)

From Mrs. George A. Sneed, Gallatin, Tenn. to Mr. & Mrs. Harry Haddon, Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. No zip code yet.
 Tuesday Night
Dear Jean & Harry,
     Just a note to let you know we are in Gallatin and you can send the cards now. We got here yesterday morning. Brought cold weather with us. Down to 28° this morning. Spit snow yesterday.
    We got to leave Rocky Mount on Nov 10 so we had a week at home. We got to go pheasant hunting but didn't have much luck. Geo. (George) only got one & I didn't get any. Scarce. Got plenty of rabbits tho! 
     Saw Jack & Lorain yesterday on our way down. They didn't get home until this past Sat. They only live about 30 miles from here. 
     Harry we both hope you are getting along fine now and will be able to work through the burley season alright.
    Sounds like this crop down here is awful light. Not much in top either. That's about all I've heard. Geo. meets Mr. Phillips tomorrow and they go over to Hartsville & meet a few more of the boys. Guess they will know more then. 
    Jean you can send the cards now as soon as you have time. Just send them c/o American Suppliers, Inc., Gallatin, Tenn. Sure hope you all fine. We are the same.
Love, Kay & Geo.


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