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Our One Year Housiversary

Though things may have been quiet on this little blog space, they certainly have not been quiet at 203 Clay.

First things first, this past week has been a difficult one for the family. John's maternal Grandmother, Evelyn Caudill, suddenly became very sick last week and passed away Wednesday. :( It's been an emotional past few days but we were able to see her and spend a little time with her. We took our instruments to the ICU and played some of her favorite bluegrass songs which she absolutely loved.

As I've mentioned before, this house has been a family-wide project. Ev and John's Granddad checked in on us each week (she even asked about the house earlier in the week) and they have given us much-needed advice and support. Ev and John's Mom Theresa hung the wallpaper in the laundry room, pictured below. It's a special bonus that the people we love have all had a hand in putting this house back together. It is definitely bittersweet but we have good memories kn…

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