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In High Gear


These past two months have been a blur. It's like someone pushed the fast-forward button and all of a sudden we're in overdrive.

Between you and me, I've had bits and pieces of this post written for a month now but have been so exhausted, I couldn't muster the energy to finish it. #realtalk If there are any typos or weird sentences, just remember I probably meant to do that ;)

Hold on to yer caulk guns because we've got a lot of ground to cover, friends!

John & I started a house-related Instagram account a few weeks ago — follow along @203clay. I'm still adding photos, putting up some extras, and playing catch-up so if you're reading the blog here, you'll be about up to speed. Looking back at the old photos made me so very thankful for how far we've come.

All the dreamin' & schemin' over the past year is at a high point as some of the finishing touches are put in place. One of the most inspiring things about bringing a 150…

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