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There were several projects waiting patiently in the wings while the big stuff got done. We realized in December it was time to get going because...

Next week, the flooring folks will be here to sand the original floors, lay down the new floor, and tile the bathrooms. Our baseboards & trim all need to be painted and the tub has to be ready to install, among other things.

After John and our buddy Jason got a huge portion of the painting done, they began to fit the beadboard ceiling in the long middle room (dining/kitchen). It was a major pain in the neck because the ceiling still wasn't level, so they had to use shims to get it relatively level-er. Though it was a chore, I appreciate their hard work -- it looks so good, and I absolutely love that it recreates the original look of the room.

Do you remember what the old beadboard looked like? It was pretty crispy but I loved it.

And now:

Man, this room -- it's been through a lot. The wall and chimney came out, and so did the …

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