Light at the End of the Tunnel

Happy Holidays, y'all! 🎄 

We've got paint on the walls! And there's a little light shining at the end of the tunnel. Brain explosions in my head. A damn Christmas miracle, if you will. 

The fellers (John and a new friend of ours, Jason, who I now deem close to sainthood) worked hard these past two weeks priming walls, painting ceilings and getting the first coats of paint up. It's a little surreal to watch another phase of the house finally coming together.

Want to see??

Entry Hall:

The color we decided to use is "Carriage House." Depending on the light, it changes colors between a green/gray/khaki sort of color. 

My thought process was to take a color from the colored glass in the door and find a complementary shade that works with the bold colors. The deep rose and teal are the most noticeable, but there are also some smaller, dusky green squares, which provided some inspiration. When I came across the Carriage House paint chip, it seemed like the most perfect dusky, greeny, neutral-ish kind of color to bring it all together.

It may be a little difficult to really see because of the lack of lighting, but you get the idea!

Front Bedroom:

It's funny because I've not ever been a fan of a white room/wall, necessarily; but, when I saw this'un on Pinterest, I fell hard. 

Technically, the trim in the room above is black, but ours will be painted a navy blue (that will coordinate with my diabolical plan for the bathroom). We're also going to put up the old picture rail that was originally in the room and keep it a metallic bronze-y color. Fingers crossed the picture rail holds up  it is pretty old, after all. If it all works out, it's going to look great.

The off-white makes the bedroom look about the huge-est. Can't wait for all the elements to come together in here.

Living Room:

In my heart of hearts, I wanted this room to be a dark teal but that didn't pass the board of review  John wanted something more neutral. So, I found a color called "Tempered Allspice" that had some rose undertones to it  John says it looks like chocolate milk. Yum! 

Oooo yeah!

Music Room:

We're really excited about how the music room turned out! John wanted a color for the space that looked like Fender Firemist Gold:

After binging on Pinterest for months and gathering ideas, it is both exciting AND scary for them to come to life. One idea that I really liked is to have a painted ceiling that is a coordinating tone with the walls. My idea was further fueled when my family stayed in an Air B&B house over Thanksgiving that is located right down the street from us. It is an older home, recently renovated. In the kitchen, the owners painted the ceiling a darker mustard color and the walls were a lighter shade. It's a very cool look.

In our room, we decided to keep the lighter shade on the ceiling with Gold Lustre and then used Golden Ochre for the walls. It was a challenge to find the right color to match Firemist Gold!

Gold Lustre

Ok, what do you think?? ↓

Ceiling in Gold Lustre

It will get another coat of paint but you can still feel the vibe.

Why didn't I move the cabinet out of the way?!

That's all we've got so far. Except for this:

You're looking at the Dining Room.

Our pine paneling got a coat of primer. Once the holes get filled, we'll paint it a creamy color, put sheetrock on the top and, in the end, have very tall wainscoting. We're going to bring the Carriage House color into this room, which will coordinate with our kitchen colors.

p.s. I want to say a special THANK YOU to that John Looney of mine. He's been working very hard on this house. 💗

After Christmas, the kitchen and back of the house will get painted. We'll finish getting the beadboard ceiling up and stay laying some floor door. Eeeeee! Can't. Stand. It. Back with more soon.

🎉We hope you all have a wonderful & safe & festively fun holiday season!🎉


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