In High Gear


These past two months have been a blur. It's like someone pushed the fast-forward button and all of a sudden we're in overdrive.

Between you and me, I've had bits and pieces of this post written for a month now but have been so exhausted, I couldn't muster the energy to finish it. #realtalk If there are any typos or weird sentences, just remember I probably meant to do that ;)

Hold on to yer caulk guns because we've got a lot of ground to cover, friends!

Southland in the springtime, Easter 2017.

John & I started a house-related Instagram account a few weeks ago  follow along @203clay. I'm still adding photos, putting up some extras, and playing catch-up so if you're reading the blog here, you'll be about up to speed. Looking back at the old photos made me so very thankful for how far we've come.

All the dreamin' & schemin' over the past year is at a high point as some of the finishing touches are put in place. One of the most inspiring things about bringing a 150-year-old house back to life is definitely in the details: paint on the walls, flooring, and tile laid, trim nailed up and other smaller DIY rehab projects.

Speaking of putting things into place, we got SO EXCITED when our electrician said it was time to carefully retrieve these babies out of storage:


We bought all of our vintage lights last summer from a local antiques store that recently went out of business. So, the majority of our light fixtures are now hanging  with the exception of a couple of rooms and they look incredible. I can't get over it.

Don't you worry. You'll get to see them soon! I haven't quite figured out what we'll do on the blog exactly, but from this point forward, we may just be doing 'before and after' room reveals. There are a couple of rooms I want to keep as a surprise until they are done. We don't want to give everything away all at oncst! We'll see...

Our Current Day-to-Day

Our current office. Nothin' to see here.
Frequent job site questions include: 

What day is it? 
How are you doing, Bub? 
Have you seen the ...? 
What do about that?
Have I lost my mind? 
Do you need snacks? 

You know, the important stuff.

Basically, all we've done these past few weeks is paint. A looooooooot of painting. I finally reached a deep, meditative flow state...haha We've listened to a lot of podcasts and a lot of music. Two favorite things to plug into the earholes. Recommendations welcome! 

If you've run into me anywhere out and about, besides comin' atcha in a cloud of dust like Pig Pen, you'll probably have noticed that I'm absolutely covered in paint marks. Reno chic, baby.

6 rooms (more than half of these got 2 coats) and trim. A whole lotta trim. Foots and foots of it. Trim is a good sign, though! Home stretch territory. Truth be told, it's got to be done and fast. The calvary is coming this week to work. At the top of the list is all the crown molding, door and window trim. Then...da da daaaaaa: the kitchen! Then...da da daaaaaaa: the porch! (There are probably more than just two da da daaaaa's in our future, but we'll stick with these for now.)

After all the crown molding and door/window trim got painted, next was cleaning up the old original trim from the front rooms. We've been sanding and scraping all the oil paint off which is a chore. There's still more primin' and paintin' in our future, but we're closing in, people, we're closin' in!

You haven't even seen the dining room lately, have you?

Dontcha just love that beadboard ceiling?!

John & our buddy, Jason, put up the beadboard ceiling and they did a great job. It was tedious at times. We also discovered a leak in the roof as well once this was put up. *sigh* It's not huge but the amount of rain we have gotten over the past several weeks has been massive, so until we can get the roof guy over here, a pan in the rafters is holding the little leak at bay. A big thank you, to John's Mom, Theresa, who climbed up in the attic :)

The sheetrock dudes came in and cut the paneling right where the old picture rail used to be, and hung the sheetrock at the top of the wall. The end result is tall wainscotting. Hands down, in love. What do you think?

The ceiling and sheetrock got a coat of primer, and I commenced to paintin'. We decided to pull the Carriage House color from the entry hall on into the dining room.

We bought all our paint from a local paint store. There are days we're in Lowe's 4 times at minimum.

I'm still a little starry-eyed about the way the color shifts in the light. The dining room looks much greener, while the entry looks a little more grey. Seriously, love this color. John and I got the wainscotting painted "Abbey White" and it looks so good.

Now alls we need is trim and she's good to go. Oh, and floors ;) We tried to match the color as best we could with the old, original flooring. The new flooring is a bamboo called "Amber City."

Yay, floor!
Hey, quick question. Have you ever tried to take a picture in/of/around a shower? Verrrrrry tricky.

Shower sneak peak.

I just want you to look at this back bathroom. Looks like a real house or sumpthin. The bathroom is a shrine to the vintage vibe with the hex tiles and black and white detail. But, hold on a sec...

Let's just all pause & reflect on this for a moment:


Black trim is going up and John finished his bathroom cabinet project. Last spring we played at a vintage market in Bowling Green and I got these doors for 40 bucks. We had a local cabinet maker fit them for a tall storage cabinet. They have beautiful old shell-shaped old hinges. 

This is what it looks like now:

Ooooo, honey. Note: electricity!

The laundry room tile was laid down we picked out a gray porcelain tile that was inexpensive, a plus! I love the pattern on it. John's Mom found some wallpaper to go in the laundry room that we love.  It incorporates the window color  can't wait to get it up so you can see!

There's a lot more to share, but I'll leave it at that for now just so it doesn't take another month to post an update. A lot of work is happening quickly and we're up there every day bustin' it to get things done.

More updates soon. Promise it won't be so long this time around!


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