Wanna See?

The windows look SO GOOD!!!!  I just want you to look.

Last week, the beautiful colored glass windows were fitted to the back wall of our house.

I'm completely 😍

The space between the door and windows is large enough where we can build some catch-all cubbies for shoes, coats and miscellaneous things.

What I really want to do is find a cool wallpaper for this room. Seems like a fun option! We'll put cabinets above the washer & dryer -- though, we're still trying to figure out the space itself and where to put what.  Mostly, John wants to make sure there is room for a big ol' deep freeze!
You're looking at our water heater closet on the left and the washer/dryer hookups on the right. 

In other news, the shower in the back bathroom is all framed up. It is absolutely YUGE. John bought the ceiling light/fan and we're both excited because it's got Bluetooth so we can listen to tunes whilst we scrub!

The shower is all framed up! Woot!

Kitchen Notes. We were a little disappointed that our kitchen appliances order got cancelled a couple of weeks ago. We ordered everything through Houzz and there was an estimated delivery date of August to October (real specific...). That was then extended and then it got cancelled because the vendor couldn't fulfill the order. *sigh* Ultimately, it was a good thing because obviously the kitchen isn't even remotely ready for installation (see below). Soooo...Houzz was very nice and gave us a 10% discount on our next order and the salesperson was tremendously helpful. She made sure the vendor could fulfill the order and that the new delivery date is correct. Thanks, Houzz!!

So, in the next couple of weeks (*gasp*) we will be installing our stove, dishwasher, and fridge. Smack me because it feels like this is fiction.

From no floor to subfloor!
As I mentioned in my last post, we need to make a decision on flooring. Tricky. Very tricky. When you want all the things and, well, the math isn't in your favor...

Once we get the flooring down, the appliances will be delivered soon thereafter and we can fit the appliances and cabinets into the space. We've (mostly) decided on a paint color for the cabinets. It's always hard because I want to tell you EVERY LITTLE THING but don't you appreciate the suspense?! We'll just have a big reveal once it happens especially since things continue to change and turn on a dime. You should know I can't keep too much to myself...it's too much fun not to share with you!

While I went to Louisville for a couple of days this week, John got all the beadboard we need for the dining and kitchen ceiling! Yay!! It's going to look really good. We both think it'll blend well with the paneling on the wall. He also got all the trim for the door frames, too.

Once a lot of the big projects (floor, plumbing, etc.) gets done in the next week or so, we're going to do a lot of these details ourselves to help move our progress along. Next up, we'll be working on putting insulation up on the walls -- that way, the sheetrock guys can come in and get to work. What?!? Yes!!


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