S is for Sheetrock

It's wild to finally see walls materialize. Seriously. Pretty, pretty weird. Since June, this house has been a shell of its former self and now she's being put back together. It looks almost like a real house! ;)

Here's a few photos of the destruction zone progress. SHEETROCK, SON!!! Wooooooo!

Entry Hall

Living Room

Music Room
Front Bedroom with scaffolding at eye view...just for you.

Front Bathroom

My little office above -- I call it the "Expedition Office" -- isn't going to get sheetrock. We're going to put beadboard on the ceiling. Honestly, if it were up to me, I'd leave it be; but, there's a big scorched spot in the ceiling from a past fire and the "board of review" didn't approve my request to leave it alone. Hmmph! I can live with beadboard, though. ;) It'll look great.

John pulled out the bookcase in the corner you see above and I'm very glad we decided to do that. Although I needed it in the room, removing it helped open the space up. Besides, we got a cool old bookcase from the 1780s to go in that corner! (Ok, seriously, I can't wait until you see all the cool things I've found to go in this room.)

Alright, back to the sheetrock tour.

Views of the kitchen

Utility Room. Still so in love with those winders!

Do you remember what this back bedroom looked like in the beginning??  I'll be doing a before and after post, don't you worry. The difference is intense! haha
Back bedroom. WOW.
Talk about a transformation -- both of these rooms. Below is the back bathroom -- it's a roomy space.

The doorway to the right is the shower. 

Next up:
  • Flooring!
  • Trim in each room -- baseboards, crown moulding, etc.
  • A painting party!
Speaking of flooring, we gathered more tile estimates this week and breathed a major sigh of relief. The lesson we learned is: don't buy from The Tile Shop. It's so overpriced but it is a good place to look around because they have so many displays. You can see what the tile looks like in a real bathroom setting -- then go find more reasonably priced tile! We stopped by Mees Tile & Marble in Lexington and found quite a few that we'll get from them.

Ultimately, we'll buy the marble hexagon tiles from Houzz or Amazon, because the price difference is astonishing. The 2" marble hex sheets we priced were 18-20 bucks a square foot at the store and online, they are EIGHT dollars. Can't beat that with a stick.

And here's another fun surprise! John brought me one more goodie he found behind the music room mantle.

It's an old milk delivery receipt, most likely from the early 1900s, and a matchbook. There's no date on the milk receipt but Ed Taul's name is on the bill, and if I remember the deed history correctly, the Taul family lived in the house in the early 1900s.

 Hope y'all have had a good weekend! It's gotten so cold here -- hopefully, we'll get a good snow this year!


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